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Increased Odds 1.0

No Image Increased Odds makes the picking of lottery tickets fun and exciting. Increased Odds allows you to build a database of lottery history and use the results from statistical charts to create sets of numbers for your favorite lottery. Pick numbers based on past and future probabilities (Most frequent, Least frequent) or just random. The main engine of Increased Odds gives you the power to pick a set of tickets based on a large group of numbers.

Password Manager 1.0: Password Manager will manage ALL your IDs, passwords, links and many others.
Password Manager 1.0

Password Manager will manage ALL your IDs, passwords, links and many other details related to that particular account in just one software. It is a desktop application that is fuss free, functional, and saves you tons of money that the `professional` software companies charge! Password Manager works like a security guard on standby 24 hours, 365 days a year! That will certainly save you a ton of time and effort!

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How To Win The Lottery Formula 1.0: how to win lottery formula, sports betting, penny stock investing,$$ toolbar
How To Win The Lottery Formula 1.0

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Free Lottery 1.0

Free Lottery internet toolbar. Find Free Lottery information from YourFreeLotto.

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IENoter Pro

IENoter is a convenient, easy-to-use, valuable html and website note and management tool. Just like you can use pen or pencil outline key words and note your idea when reading books, by using IENoter, you can highlight key words in html, note your idea conveniently. Further more, according to Manage Webpage and IENoter Favorite, you can manage htmls and websites you viewed and have highlight and note on. IENoter support Windows XP and Vista.

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My Film Kiosk Powerful, easy-to-use database to organise and manage your film collection.
My Film Kiosk

A powerful, yet easy-to-use database software to store, catalogue, organise and manage your personal film collection. The system is capable of storing thousands of film entries including film name, description, genre, cover image, trailer and even user-defined categories. +Effortlessly download films from our database. +Organise your collection. +Search. +Rate. +Share with friends. +Watch trailers. +Randomly select something to watch.

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HD PowerBall Lotto Keeper 2.0: Track your PowerBall investments, download results, and more.
HD PowerBall Lotto Keeper 2.0

There are a lot of Lottery Pickers out there, but we couldn`t find a good lottery investment tracker. So, we created HD PowerBall LottoKeeper. Since we are avid lottery players, we needed something to keep track of how we are doing and make it easy to see if we won anything. Now we can track our investments, download results, and check if we won anything with just a few clicks. Worked so well for us, we decided to release a shareware version.

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